What is Appalachian Immersion?

Appalachian Immersion offers youth and adult groups service and learning experiences that seek to replace stereotypes about the people, region, and culture of southeastern Kentucky with enduring relationships of Christian hospitality and hope. Where our faith tradition has been keen to “go and tell,” Immersion offers to come alongside and to listen.

Our History

In 2014, Middlesboro’s First Baptist Church signed on to a vision: become a place where groups could come and do missions in the mountains with integrity. With a gracious gift from the estate of S.H. and Evelyn Flowers, the church repurposed its underused education wing into what members and neighbors now call “the mission wing.” There are bunk beds in two different rooms, as well as a suite with a meeting space and private bedrooms for leaders. There are two half-bathrooms, two full bathrooms, and a total of six showers. In the past few years, there have been about dozen groups—some from churches, some from seminaries—come to serve and learn in Appalachia. Serve and learn, for God is already here and up to something, and just like every other place in the world, Appalachia too has something to teach.

We believe in serving our neighbors in their need. We believe in being the change we want to see in the world, right here in Appalachia. This region and its people are often misunderstood. Rather than letting the stereotypes of the broader culture remain unchallenged, we seek to nuance and enrich people’s perceptions of this poorly understood region in America. Groups come and serve and learn, and as they do so, they change and they change us. It’s a new way of doing missions.

About Your Trip

What is included?

  • Dorm-style housing at FBC Middlesboro
    • (Beds, showers, meeting space, kitchen, etc.)
  • Daily continental breakfast
  • WiFi, ping pong, foosball, gym, TV/DVD
  • Opportunities for missional service
  • Opportunities to explore Appalachia
  • Complete, personalized daily schedule
  • Debriefing with your guide and theologian

Who We Are